Can I Build Above My Garage?

If you want to maximise your space, constructing on top of your garage is a great place to start. This will not only add a room or two to your upstairs, but it will also increase the value of your property. You may use your over-garage expansion to create an extra bedroom or a freshly renovated office area, among other things.

Checks for Planning Permission

First and foremost, you must determine if your new addition requires planning clearance. This will be determined by a variety of circumstances, so consult with your local building authority before proceeding.

Taking Down Your Current Garage

Prepare to make considerable alterations to your present garage, or possibly disassemble it entirely, in order to get your project started. Unfortunately, constructing on top of your existing structure is seldom that simple. Before any more construction work can be done, the roof must be removed and the garage’s foundations assessed. Do your homework and contact a professional; they will do an in-depth inspection of your property to determine what kind of maintenance is required.

Consider Your Accessibility Options

Access to your new over-garage expansion must be planned before any construction begins. If your garage is unattached, you should think about creating a staircase; this might effectively serve as an annexe or outbuilding for visitors, parents, or older children. If you have an attached garage, consider if an addition would create any obstructions to neighbouring residences or windows. Consider the job’s logistics as well; if you need to add a staircase, would you have to travel past someone’s bedroom to get to it? All of these factors must be considered.

Size Does Matter

The size of your existing garage will determine how much freedom you have with your new expansion. A single garage will have a smaller space, whereas a double garage will have a bigger area. The additional space will be useful no matter what you want to do with the room. Before you make a commitment, thoroughly consider the sort of space you want to build. You don’t want your new double bedroom to feel cramped!

How much worth does it add?

Building an addition over your garage will increase the value of your property, but how much? It has been shown to boost the value of your property by up to 20%, making the investment seem well worth it. Consider how much you’ll spend in total and if it will pay off in the end.

This should give you a fair sense of how to approach a garage addition. If you do want to undertake a project like this, be sure to contact an expert and secure the necessary planning approval.