Entrance Mat- Choosing the Right One

To your customers, employees, and visitors, your building’s entryways tell a storey. Is this a warm and safe storey? Is it a storey of danger, ugliness, and neglect, or is it something else entirely? Installing high-quality entrance mats for office buildings made of robust, stylish floor mat material sends a message to the rest of the world that your organization is concerned about the safety and making a good first impression.

It takes more than a fast Google search to find the best commercial interior or exterior entry mat. To optimize your entrance mat approach, important variables such as the mat’s ability to trap and remove dirt, how well it can decrease slips and falls, as well as its longevity and ease of maintenance, must be examined.

Dirt Tracking Inside Is Reduced With Heavy Duty Entrance Mats

According to studies, pedestrians bring 85 percent of filth and grime inside your building. 75 percent of the mess may be eliminated by installing 15 feet of entrance matting. Custodians will have less labor to do and the interior will be more appealing. In addition, tracked particles can cause interior carpets to wear out faster.

Mat placement is not only beneficial to office cleanliness, but it also aids in the maintenance of industry standards. The American Society of Testing Materials’ building design and construction specifications state:

“Mats or runners, or other devices to help remove foreign particles and other impurities from the bottom of pedestrian footwear, shall be supplied at building doors.” Mats should be supplied to prevent foreign particles from being tracked on floors, which could be dangerous to pedestrians, especially on hard surface floors.”

When it comes to keeping dirt out of your space, Scrapping & Moisture Trap Entrance Mat is an all-around performer. For enhanced water and soil control, its rubber-edged border retains dirt and moisture. Underside cleats made of molded rubber catch the under floor to keep the mat from moving.

Moisture retention and cleaning are made easy.

Non-absorbent scraper entrance mat is made of coarse loop-twisted non-absorbent fiber. Prelude is the perfect – well, prelude – for removing dirt and debris before unclean feet may enter your facility as an exterior entrance mat for structures. Prelude can be utilized as a standalone business entry mat or as the initial line of defense for your entrance matting system in phases. The prelude comes in three colors: black, brown, and grey.

Material, color, pattern, and other factors to consider while selecting a floor mat

While clean floors provide a good first impression, putting entry mats that match the company’s color, theme, and logo will elevate your brand’s aesthetics to a new level. Ultimate mats offer a wide range of mats that complement your tone, brand, and mission. Our custom logo rugs are the first chapter in the story of a successful business that begins at your front door.

Logo Mats with a Custom Length is a heavy-duty entry mat suited for large entrances and foyers. High-traffic areas, such as store entrances, hospitals, schools, and business buildings, are no match for ultimate mats.

From the first step visitors take, our Custom Brand Mat Entrance Mat stops dirt and debris while presenting your company’s bright logo with the globe. Superior Impact is printed using a cutting-edge, computer-controlled dye-injection technique that embeds the color deep into the carpet pile for long-lasting, fade-resistant color. The entry mat is made of high-quality fiber with a heavy-duty vinyl backing to provide improved surface friction and reduce mat movement on smooth floors like wood, marble, tile, or concrete.