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About Linear Chandeliers and The Way, They Give Brightness to Your Home


The linear suspension has become popular for making the room look wider or longer and at the same time. It keeps the room from becoming overwhelming with the sharp brightness of ceiling lights, all thanks to its shape that is attached to the single plane. They look better over dining tables, billiard tables, and above the kitchen islands. They not only complement the area, but also provide a good amount of light as required. 

What is a linear Chandelier?

It is a series of fixtures that are often attached to the vertical bar. The lights can be fixed either on the top of the vertical bar or left hanging from beneath. This entire fixture is then attached to the ceiling at a height as required by the user. For example, a linear chandelier is placed high up to the ceiling in a foyer whereas in the dining room, you will find it closer to the dining table. 

Linear chandeliers are available in different types like varieties in bulbs, shades, and the framework. For example, a chandelier that is smaller in size will have fewer bulbs that can be used to light the smaller areas whereas larger chandeliers which have 15 bulbs can emphasize more on the room’s grandeur. When it comes to bulb shades, you can find anything from ornate, classical, or even modern décor that focusses on simplicity. 

The vertical bar gives a smooth appearance that gives the chandelier look beautiful for the house. The length of the bar will depend on how many bulbs are required in this design. The finishes for the brackets and the frames are available in different types like brass, silver, iron, copper, or other different colors.

Sofary is one of the best places where you can get these modern lightings but not being so expensive too. They do not have any retailers involved so you get the lightings directly from the manufacturers. Talking about Linear Chandeliers, they do have those glass globes linear chandelier that has a modern and unique design. There are many more such linear chandeliers here, so you can logon to their website for more information.

What are the types of linear chandeliers?

  1. Linear pendant LED lighting: It is very easy to install and has low maintenance. It has a black body and a white diffuser that gives a minimalist look and goes well for the areas like active households.
  2. Long 4ft Modern Linear Suspension light: This offers an industrial-grade performance where there is a lot of dependability on the light. It is available in three colors and temperatures. 
  3. Flat linear suspension light: This has a flat and wide LED panel specifically suitable for larger surfaces. It is a task lighting that is perfect for kitchen areas or any workspace. 
  4. Curvaceous white linear pendant fixture: It has a smooth cultural appeal that keeps a minimalistic profile. It has curves in the middle to bring in visual interest.

Before buying a linear light fixture, you need to measure your kitchen island, dining table, or wherever you want to place it. Make sure that you check the height, width, weight, and cable suspension length where you want to hang it.  


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