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How To Choose Cabinet Hardware?


These cabinet hardware hacks will be revealed to you. It’s easy to update your bathroom or kitchen cabinet hardware and it is cost-effective, quick, and simple. Learn how to select cabinet hardware for your home. We will help you choose the right type, style, or material of hardware.

Types Of Cabinet Hardware

There are two types of cabinet hardware, pulls, and knobs. Knobs are handles that can be attached to a single screw. Pulls work in the same manner as knobs but are usually larger and thinner than knobs. This makes them easier to grasp. Pulls usually require two screws holes while cabinet knobs only need one. Find out more about cabinetry hardware.


There are many types of knobs available, from square to mushroom. However, it is up to you which one you prefer. Below are the most common types. Find one that suits your taste. You can find novelty knobs in a variety of themes, including animals, food, and sports.


Are you wondering how to choose kitchen cabinet pulls? As with knobs, picking pulls is an individual choice. Most pulls require two screws for installation. Some pull types do not require two screws. Ring and pendant pull requires only one installation screw. Drop-handle pulls, on the other hand, are mounted to a drawer door or cabinet door with a backing plate.

Modern-style houses often have finger pulls. They are attached to the top of a drawer or cabinet with the back hidden behind it. The projection should be at least twice the depth of the drawer or cabinet’s face to ensure that you have enough cabinet pulls or drawer pulls to grab.

Recessed pulls can be installed inside a drawer’s or cabinet’s front panel or face. Make sure that your cabinet’s drawer or cabinet door is not deeper than the depth of the pull.

How To Choose The Right Style?

Take A Look At The Finish

While your personal preference will dictate the hardware finish you choose, it is best to match the style of the rest of your home. Pay attention to the lighting and color of your furniture.

Take A Look At The Material

The hardware material, along with the finish, can have an impact on the design and feel of the space. Most knobs and cabinet pulls are made of metal.

Metal knobs or pulls are great for any home. They’re also very popular in transitional, French country, and modern kitchens. Glass knobs and pulls enhance a space. You can choose a finish to match your room or style. These are often used in industrial, glam, and traditional kitchens. Wood knobs or pulls are great for rustic and coastal homes. They can be paired with unfinished wood cabinets, drawers, vanities, and drawers. Crystal knobs or pulls can be used in traditional and glam homes. stone pulls and stone knobs can be found in marble, granite, and travertine. They are great additions to traditional homes but also look stylish.


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