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Focus on Cooking Instead of Restaurant Operations

Short- and long-term restaurant operational components are not the reasons most people open a restaurant. Cooking delicious food for guests to enjoy is why restaurants are opened by independent operators. The sad truth is that the focus becomes keeping the doors open instead of cooking. The business end takes up the majority of the available time throughout the week, so owners rarely have time to spend cooking and interacting with diners.


Day-to-day operations include ordering inventory, hiring new staff, paying supplier invoices, and attempting to control utility bills for the premises. It may not be exactly what owners had in mind, but it is essential work that needs to be done daily. There are many software products on the market that are helpful to a point. Owners can enter inventory parameters, for example, and allow the computer to estimate costs and pay invoices automatically.

Comprehensive Help

People just starting out in the hospitality industry often do not know how much is involved in operating even a small restaurant. Basic business software programs are not going to be enough to provide all the help needed. There is one innovative approach to online services that goes beyond software. It is designed specifically for the independent restaurant owner.

The solution is a combination of online software, industry-specific experts for support and consulting services, training of management teams, and additional services. The accounting software is backed by accountants, tax specialists, and bank reconciliation specialists who help owners realize eleven percent higher averages in revenue than industry averages. This component of the solution has been in practice for forty years. The education and training component has been successful for over twenty years.

Additional Services Available

Consulting and education services are available for several topics. Rebranding a suffering restaurant and brand equity reviews are offered. Lease negotiations, banking strategies, investor relations, and financial planning are also available. Strategic planning is critical for the future of the restaurant. Deciding whether to grow via other locations or offer franchising opportunities to others is one element included in a strategic plan. Owners can click here to begin taking back their time in the kitchen and cooking for customers.